Dica de CD: “Leprosy” (1988) da banda americana de Death Metal “Death”

Bodies deformed way beyond belief. Cast out from their concerned society. Flesh contorting day after day. Freak of the dark world is what the people say...” – “Leprosy

Em 1988, a lendária banda americana de Death Metal “Death” lançou o segundo CD, intitulado “Leprosy”, outro clássico na história do metal extremo mundial. O CD foi distribuído no Brasil pela “Century Media”. Seu criador e líder Chuck Schuldiner morreu de câncer no final de 2001, mas sua música permanece para sempre.

Memories are all that’s left behind. As I lay and wait to die. Little do they know. That hear their choice of life. End it now. It is the only way. Too cruel that is what they say. Release me from this lonely world. There is no hope – why don’t you pull the plug. Let me pass away. Pull the plug. Don’t wanna live this way…” – “Pull the Plug

Formação nesse CD: Chuck Schuldiner (vocais e guitarra), Rick Rozz (guitarra), Terry Butler (baixo), Bill Andrews (bateria).

Lista dos petardos sonoros: “Leprosy”, “Born Dead”, “Forgotten Past”, “Left to Die”, “Pull the Plug”, “Open Casket”, “Primitive Ways”, “Choke on it”.

Put your life into their hands. Die for someone else. Now you’re in the real world. Where pain and death are felt. The first blood shed does not seem real. Reality is what you feel. Dropping to your knees you pray. God won’t make this go away…” – “Left to Die