Dica de CD: “Agent Orange” (1989) da banda alemã de Thrash Metal “Sodom”

This album is dedicated to all people – soldiers and civilians – who died by senseless aggressions of wars all over the world

Em 1989, a veterana banda alemã de Thrash Metal “Sodom”, que já esteve no Brasil várias vezes, lançou o CD “Agent Orange”, um dos melhores de toda a vasta carreira de cerca de 25 anos. O CD foi distribuído no Brasil pela “Century Media”, e aborda de forma crítica e agressiva os efeitos destrutivos das guerras por todo o planeta, focando com maior ênfase a “Guerra do Vietnã”, com americanos e vietnamitas lutando no meio das selvas. A capa do CD mostra a imagem de um bombardeio aéreo evidenciando a morte como resultado, soberana e vencedora de todos os conflitos. Seu criador e líder Tom Angelripper é o único membro da formação original e que ainda persiste fazendo do “Sodom” uma das mais importantes bandas da história do metal mundial.

Operation Ranch Hand. Spray down the death. Down on their farms. Assault against the population. Suppress by military arms. Only you prevent the forest. Legalize the war. They are deprived of their power. Eradication without law. Agent Orange. A fire that doesn’t burn. All the marks erased long ago. Scars are healed up. Cancer creeps into their innocent souls. Memorials of flesh and blood. Have survived unlawfully punished. Poisoned till the end of their lives. Physical deformity. What medicine will help? Still births will rise. Agent Orange. A fire that doesn’t burn. Grieved weak hearts are crying. Waiting for the end. In this condition they are dying. Newborns of the damned. Preserved in test tubes for generations. Vicious circle of transmission. There’s no way for reparations. Must live with chemical agent called Agent Orange. A fire that doesn’t burn.” – “Agent Orange

Formação nesse CD: Tom Angelripper (vocais e baixo), Chris Witchhunter (bateria), Frank Blackfire (guitarra).

Lista dos petardos sonoros: “Agent Orange”, “Tired and Red”, “Incest”, “Remember the Fallen”, “Magic Dragon”, “Exhibition Bout”, “Ausgebombt”, “Baptism of Fire, “Don’t Walk Away”.

Camp duc lap calm before the storm. They fight with drowsiness. Rubbed their eyes must stay awake. Stared into the darkness. Disastrous noise from far behind. Imminent attack splits their minds. Forces proceed to counter thrust. Without doubt they will rush. Moon cast a shadow menace comes near. Formed as an airplane. Take up the weapons to defend the boundary line. Do not want to loose the reign. Night into day when flare bombs detonate to burn the sky. Our hostile positions are made out there is no place to hide. The AC-47 send their flames from all the barrels. 6000 shots per minute to make a hill all level. Magic Dragon let sheats of fire hail down the base. Magic Dragon a crucial test the enemy will never raise. Magic Dragon spit tracer bullets expose our hiding place. Magic Dragon iron monsters destroy with rage. Pilots circle their machines as eagles in the sky. Navigator tactical warfare they know the reason why. Cause their orders are clear: crush´em to win the war. First squadron obey the command: take off higher. No Vietcong can move in sustained fire. Orders are clear – Win the war.” – “Magic Dragon