Dica de CD: “Angelwhore” (2005) da banda alemã de Death Metal “Desaster”

Now it’s time to start raising hell, bang your fuckin’ heads and hear the Angelwhore screaming for darkness and hell over the Earth...

Em 2005, a excelente banda alemã de Death Metal “Desaster” fez mais uma turnê por aqui, dessa vez chamada “The Cry of Angelwhore”, promovendo o álbum “Angelwhore”, lançado no Brasil pela “Mutilation Records” (www.mutilationrecords.com.br).
A ilustração da capa é de autoria de Chris Moyen.

Black death always crawls our neck. And the 14th century had seen. Pandemic spawned out at black sea. While Kafka lay siege to Khan Djam Bek’s hordes. His soldiers fall one by one. The pest brings fast the end of war. The last he did was throwing corpses over Kafka’s wall. The hawkers sail to Italy to spread disease we’ve never seen. To sell theis wares and bringing death from south to north of Europe. Blessed pestilence. Insects fly my eyes. Raging suicide. My flesh needs grave. I fear. To rot in isolation. The blessed pestilence. Black death execution. Cleansing evolution...
– “The Blessed Pestilence

Formação: Tormentor (bateria), Sataniac (vocais), Odin (baixo), Infernal (guitarra).
Lista dos petardos sonoros: “The Arrival (Intro)” / “The Blessed Pestilence” / “Angelwhore” / “Conqueror’s Supremacy” / “Ghouls To Strike” / “Nihilistic Overture” / “Havoc” / “Downfall Be Thy Blade” / “Revelation Genocide” / “Mourning Path (Outro)”.

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All hail my sisters! Be crowned in lust and let me feel the flame of your pure majesty! Final instinct, so pure, no signs of guilt. Feel free to please – no fucking time to waste. Magical passion like talking to infinity. Internal engine straight ahead to orgasmic destiny. Blood boiling thoughts. A liquid gate eruption. Breathing on adrenaline. All flesh in astral unity. Please calm down, relax. Spread your legs await the axe. Stir up all hidden enegies. Take a bath in purity ecstasy...
– “Angelwhore