Dica de CD: “Vobiscum Satanas” (1998) e “Teach Children to Worship Satan” (2000), do “Dark Funeral” (Suécia)

Vobiscum Satanas” track list:
Ravenna Strigoi Mortii / Enriched by Evil / Thy Legions Come / Evil Prevail / Slava Satan / The Black Winged Horde / Vobiscum Satanas / Ineffable King of Darkness.

Ravenna Strigoi Mortii
As the night opens, I see your face in the shadow of the moon. I see your glimmering eyes, reflected by the glittering snow. Frozen winds, whines over the silent landscape. The only sound I hear, are the strokes of your wings. Ravenna, Strigoi Mortii. Oh, countess in black, you who rides on stormy winds. Primeval goddess, who's name is spoken with fear. Thunder roar, lighting strikes. Unlock your demon gate. Come forth, the serpent's queen. Torture be thy name. I give to you this sacrifice, take this child. Lend me one of your serpent eyes, to see beyond the demon gates! I invoke the flying goddess, come out from the gorge of night. Spread your darkened wings, and soar above the ground. Ravenna, Strigoi Mortii. Cast thy shadow over earth, in answer of my calls. Demonic beauty, I summon thee. The infernal mistress of the underworld. From the darkest depths of the abyss. That holds liege only for you. With your malice, and your spite. We command the utter destruction of light. So come forth, serpent queen. Lend me your flame of hate.

Vobiscum Satanas” no Youtube:

Teach Children to Worship Satan” track list:
An Apprentice of Satan / The Trial (King Diamond cover) / Dead Skin Mask (Slayer cover) / Remember the Fallen (Sodom cover) / Pagan Fears (Mayhem cover)

Lançamento no Brasil, os dois CD´s num único disco: