Confiram o vídeo “Labyrinth of Depravity”, da banda de Death Metal “In Torment” (São Leopoldo/RS)

IN TORMENT -- Labyrinth of Depravity (Official Video) HD
Taken from the album “Paradoxical Visions of Emptiness”. Directed by Lucas Cunha. Rapture Records - 2011.


This is the way of all flesh. The sinful way to the realm of oblivion. The corruption of morality - the ecstasies of the skin. This is the way of all flesh. Through a world of massive deceptions. The mundane requirements turned into nauseating actions. Behind the human mind lies the urge to destroy the divinity. The malefic need to defeat the sense of the sacred. Behind the human mind lies the key to all distortions. Far from the kingdom of sanity -- the splendor of the transformation. Beyond the wall -- the convergence.
Into the maze -- the corridors of infinity. Into the maze -- the shades of the bizarre. Into the maze -- the garden of immoralities. Into the maze -- the depictions of slavery.
Lost in their insane goals -- caged in their pain. Now the entranced disciples wait for the reward. But they see the emptiness before their eyes. Entangled in the depths of confusion. A multitude of shapes twitched in delight. Among the lubricity of the orgiastic insanity. The secrets of profligacy are no longer unknown. Inside these walls -- that's the legacy of men. Inside these walls - lust becomes the fuel of madness. They feel the splendor of all desires. As the deities capture their souls. Their blood flows out in reverence. Within the labyrinths of depravity. Pleasure shows its other side