Horror e Metal Extremo: “Unearthly” (Rio de Janeiro/RJ) em show na Rússia

UNEARTHLY (Rio de Janeiro/RJ)
Baptized In Blood” Live on “Blackened Life Festival” Tula/Russia - 21/02/2015
Recorded during “The UNEARTHLY Rites Euro Tour 2015

Under siege of my ideals and my conflicts. I started to question myself. “I’ll either be the refuge or the hero”. Taken by revulsion, I only imagine the bereavement. Upon their deathbeds. I am like few, rare and lethal. Revenge is my sacrifice. But I can’t go alone. This is the moment, destroying all of men's beliefs. In this battle everyone is my enemy, it’s no time for innocence, for my sadness has shed, a body fell to the ground. Baptized in blood I marched to war. In the name of god and my insanity. It’s me against the world, this is my ideal, I shock the world Baptizing in blood.