Horror e Metal Extremo: video “Total Desaster”, da banda “Destruction” (Alemanha)


“The end is near, Lucifer´s Legions of death, are ready for the attack, they've got only one thing, total destruction”

I was born in a dark winter night. Thunder and lightning greeted me. Now it´s the time to begin to fight. Kingdom of heaven, I can´t see. My home is the bloody hell. At the place where Satan rules. The world is now like a big shell. The fire of hell will destroy the fools. I can never trust the virgin preacher. I can never believe in Jesus Christ. It´s all right ´coz Satan is my teacher. People hidden them when we arised. I command and you get down on your knees. We sacrifice infants on Satan´s order. Come taste blood, our living grease. Headless bodies found, one is your daughter.