Desgraceira sonora com o Death Metal do “Deicide” (EUA): “Homage for Satan”

Bound from the light to the end of eternity. Fighting for rights for the realm of antiquity. All that is evil and right hand of god. Trinity bound and defying his cross. Homage for Satan, cursing dissention, forced isolation. To the lake of fire. Will and free thought you have brought to the edge of eve. Nothing to stop what they thought was the truth to be. God without Satan no one would believe. Homage for Satan, sworn to the devil, Unholy master. Destroy the heavens. Homage for Satan, the invocation, rule the unwanted. Armies of the dead. Skinning the Christians and the lost and not forgave. Punishing priest for the lives that they wouldn't save. Waiting rebirth of the Christ back upon the earth. Given temptation to wipe out the world. Homage for Satan, god can not find you, hell is your heaven. Jesus ripped apart