Horror e Sangue no vídeo “Forced Gender Reassignment”, da banda de grindcore “Cattle Decapitation" (EUA)

Forced into a body and damned with intelligence
Shoved into a soul, wired with circuitry you cannot control

A tradition so ancient that evolution will circumvent
Hell-bent on ideals instilled since birth
A price on life - the fleshes worth

Somewhere in this organism's development
A separate path taken - possible defect awakened
Some feel it was simply a choice and use morality
to strengthen their voice

For this rather Christian indoctrination
we have such sights to show you
The gimp shall get to know you motherfucking biblically
It's bound in human leather
Desensitized, its sanity weathered
To the wall your arms and legs are tethered
Say hello to your new gender

First we start with your private parts
Snip cremaster -your testes fall apart
Pain makes you faint as I slit your taint
While you're unconscious I just wait....

...Now you're awake, just in time as I make this incision
The next step in your sex revision
A slice up the shaft and around the corona
Unsheathed penile muscle exposing the urethra

Welcome to forced gender dysphoria
How does it feel to be a woman now and not a man?

"Unnatural and unclean!
Lord, please forgive them as this is not what they mean
Are you there and are you listening?
Why would you even let this happen to me!"

Shut up and take it
Just accept your new life
Look at it this way... you'll make a dashing wife

As for your new husband...
We had to perform a hysterectomy
BUT, we managed to save your penis...
...and stapled it to her pubis

In order to elude tissue rejection
For 7 days she must avoid erections
Since we grafted glands to make a clitoris
These operations are always hit or miss

An evolution of the self-destructing human parasite
A revolution - an advancement of human technology
A dissection - of the birth-given sexual organs
A solution - to the world's overpopulation

Now for the fun part - I introduce this:
my new Cradle of Judas -
perineal puncturing device also juices the fruit of the human
as force is applied, grinding and winding intestines and
inside around it like a drill bit - turns anatomy into a visceral
swill grating, excavating and making its way through the
body like a bore - finding its way out the
mouth announcing the gore