“Mortician”, banda americana de Death Metal & Grindcore, homenageia filmes de horror

Re-Animator” (1985)

Re-Animated Dead Flesh
Holding the secret. For life beyond death. Inject the fluid. Into the fresh dead. Reanimation. Corpse now awakens. Mass overdosing. Dead raging insane. Uncontrolled corpses. Ready for slaughter. Control of dead flesh. World domination.

Eaten Alive” (1977)

Devoured Alive
Hotel of death. Morbid sadist. Savage death trap. Lurks in the swamp. Scythe in the face. Chop, mutilate. Blood splattering. Brutal killing. Thrown in the swamp. Limbs are torn off. Eaten alive. Slowly you die. Hungry for blood. Need more victims. The jaws of death. Chomp on your flesh.