Horror e Metal Extremo: vídeo “As Grace Descends”, da banda de Death Metal “Suffocation” (EUA)

(Dica de Leonardo Luis)

A música “As Grace Descends”, do CD “Pinnacle of Bedlam” (2013), da banda americana “Suffocation”, está disponível no Youtube.

Man fell from his grace. And strayed from the path. His anger now intolerable. Insidious. Behold the pale white horses. Hooded messenger of death. Is now set forth. His dismal gaze. Cripples souls. Renounce the seven deadly sins. The air unfit to breathe. The water poisoned by a blessing. Darkened skies witness the final sunset. Red rain showering from the Heavens. ... As grace descends! Barren lands diseased. Complete collapse of conditions. Burning, searing, putrid air. Inhale the toxic atmosphere. Asphyxiate, drown in blood. Boils the flesh and Eat trough tissue. Torrid winds. Oceans freeze. Torrential acid rain. The ground quakes. Separates. Denying life. As grace descends. Volcanic debris consumes. Those left alive. Denying life. The intoxication witness. ...As grace descends