Dica de curta metragem no “Youtube”: “O Encontro às Escuras com Zé do Caixão”, de Raymond Castile

O Encontro às Escuras com Zé do Caixão” (The Blind Date of Coffin Joe, EUA, 2008).

Horror/satire, short subject. Fan-made tribute to Coffin Joe (Zé do Caixão) and the films of José Mojica Marins. Coffin Joe, an evil undertaker from Brazil, has spent years and killed many people in his quest to find the "superior woman" to bear his child. Now he has come to the United States, where he will try a new approach - his own reality TV dating show. But where Coffin Joe is concerned, the line between "reality" and nightmare is indistinguishable. Directed by Raymond Castile.