A “Mutilation” lançou no Brasil o CD “666 – Satan’s Soldiers Syndicate” (2007), da banda alemã “Desaster”

A banda alemã de Death Metal “Desaster” teve seu mais recente álbum lançado por aqui pelo selo “Mutilation”, chamado “666 – Satan’s Soldiers Syndicate”. Assim como nos CDs anteriores como “Divine Blasphemies” (2002) e “Angelwhore” (2005), o massacre sonoro se mantém avassalador, com destaque para a faixa título, e que abre o CD após a “Intro”. A ótima ilustração da capa é de autoria de Kris Verwimp, e curiosamente temos os vocais convidados de A. A. Nemtheanga (do “Primordial”) e Sir Proscriptor McGovern (do “Absu”) na música “Tyrannizer”, e a guitarra solo de Ashmedi (do “Melechesch”), na faixa “Angel Extermination”.

Possessed by the twilight of the tunnels of hell. Breathe the dead fog and taste the abyss you dwell. March on hollow ground break the knife if it falls. Fight until death enjoy the end, hear the call. Headless we feast but the food chain we lead. A predator’s reign is all what it needs. Reacting the cult feel the powers it bares. Devastation at dawn will feed hell’s spawn. Satan’s Soldiers Syndicate. We walk the fire. Hail the pest we obsess. Satan’s Soldiers Syndicate. Within the shores of obscurity. Above the laws of eternity. All shall bleed in ecstasy. Now take the hole to hell. Entertained by the sick, feel your bodies ignite. The seeds that you sawn are your shore force the right. Is it death that you fear, all remains will appear. All your bodies will break without soul in the end. Held high your own palace let it never collapse. And with courage it will everlasting dwell. But if hell awaits while humans fail. We all shall bleed eternally. Come on bastards. If you walk the water. We will walk the fire. Satan’s soldiers Syndicate. We walk the fire. Hail the pest we obsess. Satan’s Soldiers Syndicate. No confession at all. To whose master you would go. Just a kind of... Destiny in its roll. While desaster takes control. The wicked at the aftermath. Observe the light, construct the path. Satan’s Soldiers Syndicate. We walk the fire. Hail the pest we obsess. Hail the pest we obsess.” – “Satan’s Soldiers Syndicate

Formação: Tormentor (bateria), Sataniac (vocais), Odin (baixo), Infernal (guitarra).

Track List: “The March of Fire and Conquest (Intro)” / “Satan’s Soldiers Syndicate” / “Angel Extermination” / “Razor Ritual” / “Hellbangers” / “Fate Forever Flesh” / “Vile We Dwell” / “Tyrannizer” / “Venomous Stench” / “More Corpses for the Grave”.

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Desaster send out screams of vengeance to all loyal metalheads around this rotten planet who feel the same metalized blood pounding in their veins. Hail the cult of Heavy Metal!