Dica de CD: “Plague Angel” (2004), da banda sueca de Black Metal “Marduk”

And when the lamb opened the seventh seal. There was in heaven a silence. Seven angels, seven trumpets. Preparing to sound. God has sent his punishment over us. We shall all perish in the blackest death. Know, that this can be your final hour. Death stands behind you. I can see the crown of his head gleam in the sun. His scythe. Flashes when he raises it behind your heads. Who among you will he strike first? Hail and fire. Mingled with blood. The greatest of stars is about to fall. Before evening, will your mouth. Be distorted into a last. Unfinished yawn? Like open-mouthed cattle. Blooming with appetite and lust for life. Have you got a year or an hour left. To pollute the earth with your debris? Angels descend, graves open. It’s the angel of death passing by.” – “Seven Angels, Seven Trumpets

A “Hellion” lançou no Brasil o CD “Plague Angel” (2004), da poderosa banda de metal extremo “Marduk” (Suécia). É impossível não quebrar o pescoço com a pesada faixa “Seven Angels, Seven Trumpets”, seguida por uma devastação sonora com “Life’s Emblem”.

Formação nesse CD: Morgan Steinmeyer Hakansson – guitarra / Magnus Devo Andersson – baixo / Mortuus Arioch – vocais / Emil Dragutinovic – bateria.

Lista dos petardos sonoros: “The Hangman of Prague”, “Throne of Rats”, “Seven Angels, Seven Trumpets”, “Life´s Emblem”, “Steel Inferno”, “Perish in Flames”, “Holy Blood, Holy Grail”, “Warschau”, “Deathmarch”, “Everything Bleeds”, “Blutrache”.

Quod funeras, estis, quod sumus eritis. Quod funeras, estis, quod sumus eritis. Vanitas vanitatem amnia vanitas. Memento mori, memento mori. Nemo ante mortem beatus dici potest. Memento mori, memento mori.” – “Deathmarch


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Plague upon plague. Black boil redemption. On this sea of rats shall I set my throne. Halo of fleas. Blood puke salvation. Only fire is now clean enough to touch your soul. Throne of rats. Sword of disease. Throne of rats. See how the body contracts. Until your limbs become a rope of madness. Rope of regret. The piece of purity. Rope of regret. Throne of rats. Sword of disease. Throne of rats. Older than time am I, and yes I am for evermore. Constantly reshaping reforming to suit your sins. Death upon death. Black Death redemption. On this sea of death shall I claim my crown. Halo of death. Death puke salvation. Only death is now pure enough to forgive your sins. Throne of death. Justice is done. Throne of rats.” – “Throne of Rats