Dica de CD: “The Bleeding” (1994) da banda americana de Death Metal “Cannibal Corpse”

Bleeding. Slicing through the flesh. A knife stuck in your neck. Stabbing out your eyes. Cutting through the spine. Blood burning through my veins. We have risen from the grave. Live, life. Dead for years, now alive. The dead come to life. Dead creatures out for blood. After death we will awaken. Unhuman beings from beyond. Rotting zombies out for blood. Bleed, bleed...
– “The Bleeding

A veterana banda americana de Death Metal “Cannibal Corpse” lançou em 1994 o CD “The Bleeding”, distribuído no Brasil pela “Roadrunner Records”. Na época, o vocalista era Chris Barnes (atualmente no “Six Feet Under”) e um dos guitarristas era Jack Owen (hoje no “Deicide”).
O “Cannibal Corpse” é conhecido pela brutalidade sonora com impressionantes vocais guturais (de George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher, ex-“Monstrosity”) e pela temática sangrenta das letras, que abordam carnificinas, massacres, mutilações, desmembramentos, cadáveres em putrefação, com sangue para todos os lados, como exemplificado em trechos de letras de músicas que ilustram esse texto.

Walk away, into the dark. Come my way, terror. I am the evil within each soul. I take the spirits of those I kill. Murdered. Decomposition, the body rots. Rotting, rotting body parts. I killed the first. To experiment. I don’t want to hurt you. I just want to kill you. Torture, I start to cut. Carving, blood slowly clots. Horrors, mutilations. Homicidal experimentation...
– “An Experiment in Homicide

Formação nesse CD: Paul Mazurkiewicz (bateria), Jack Owen (guitarra), Chris Barnes (vocais), Alex Webster (baixo), Rob Barrett (guitarra).

Lista dos petardos sonoros: “Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead” / “Fucked With Knife” / “Stripped, Raped and Strangled” / “Pulverized” / “Return to Flesh” / “The Pick-Axe Murders” / “She Was Asking for It” / “The Bleeding” / “Force Fed Broken Glass” / “An Experiment in Homicide”.

Discografia: “Eaten Back to Live” (90), “Butchered at Birth” (91), “Tomb of the Mutilated” (92), “Hammer Smashed Face” (EP, 93), “The Bleeding” (94), “Vile” (96), “Gallery of Suicide” (98), “Bloodthirst” (99), “Live Cannibalism” (CD e DVD, 00), “Gore Obsessed” (02), “Wretched Spawn” (03), “Kill” (06)

Flesh starts to rip. Gouging through skin. From the throat. Blood gushes. Glandular eruption. Blistered skin secretion. Internal punctures. Blood regurgitation. Gagging, choking, on broken glass. Shreded muscle tissue. Wounds too deep to heal. Severed esophagus. Tongue split in half. Lungs fill with blood. As vocal chords collapse. Oral sex. With broken glass. Ruptured flesh. Ripped through the neck. Mutilate. Pulsing veins. Sliced windpipe…” – “Forced Fed Broken Glass