Dica de CD: “Stillborn” (1993), da banda americana de Death Metal “Malevolent Creation”

Mindless souls gathered in. Life is taken away. One man ruler of their world. Live in agony. Grabbing wealth hypocrite. The wandering get a home. Taste the anguish of the loss. Well cleansed brain, easier to mold…” – “Dominion of Terror

O “Malevolent Creation” é uma das grandes e veteranas bandas de Death Metal dos Estados Unidos (Florida). Em 1993, eles lançaram o CD “Stillborn”, distribuído no Brasil pela “Roadrunner Records”, com 8 faixas bonus.
No momento eles estão trabalhando no lançamento do CD “Doomsday X”.

Track List:
“Dominated Resurgency”, “The Way of All Flesh”, “Dominion of Terror”, “Geared For Gain”, “Stillborn”, “Ordain the Hierarchy”, “Carnivorous Misgivings”, “Genetic Affliction”, “Ethnic Cleansing”, “Disciple of Abhorrence”.
Bonus Tracks:
“Memorial Arrangements”, “Premature Burial”, “Multiple Stab Wounds”, “Thou Shall Kill”, “Eve of the Apocalypse”, “Systematic Execution”, “Slaughter of Innocence”, “Piece By Piece”.
Formação na época: Jon Rubin (guitarra), Jason Blachowicz (baixo), Brett Hoffmann (vocais), Alex Marquez (bateria), Phil Fasciana (guitarra).
Formação atual: Kyle Symons (vocais), Phil Fasciana (guitarra), Rob Barrett (guitarra), Gordon Simms (baixo), Dave Culross (bateria).

Taste the blood spums the life. Scent of death drives it on. Live for the hunt, to dominate. Its instinct and desire. Tooth and talon dig at flesh. Snapping tendon and bone. Gorging on the fleshly killed. Triumphant stand alone…” – “Carnivorous Misgivings